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KALMATRON is a modern penetrating hydro insulation material

The universal problem of the repair and renovation of concrete and ferroconcrete structures, has always been urgent, especially in countries lacking investment resources for new construction. In particular there is a need in prolonging the life of old buildings, ensuring their efficiency and safe maintenance. It becomes a priority for both government agencies and private business and it is this area where Kalmatron Company concentrates its expertise in Russia.

In short, we manufacture and sell the long life of building structures. Primarily, this refers to buildings that have deteriorated after prolonged service or as a result of damage caused by natural or other events.

The history of our business began in 1980s when Russian scientist, developed a protection system for concrete, ferroconcrete and other capillary porous materials as well as a respective protecting composition, KALMATRON. The led to the opening of an experimental plant in Khabarovsk. Initially, the material was intended for repairs to any city is water supply and sewage system to replace expensive, imported materials. But this development proved to be so successful that it found an application in a number of applications – transport, power, water development, etc.

We founded manufacturing facilities in Novosibirsk and Saint Petersburg and engineered and introduced novel materials for the KALMATRON family. The growing business closely cooperated with famous scientific organisations of the country, such as Central Research Institute of Transport Construction, Concrete an Ferroconcrete Research Institute, Railroad Technical Universities in Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk, Tomsk Research Institute of Building Materials, etc.

Continuous research and tests have us not only to expand the KALMATRON field of application but also to develop novel techniques for its use. More recently, it became a popular additive to concrete mixes in manufacture of ferroconcrete structures where high water and chemical resistance is necessary.

Supplied from basic facilities, are in Khabarovsk, Moscow, Minsk and elsewhere. We have created a broad distribution network all over Russia and some CIS countries. Our repair divisions in Novosibirsk, Samara, etc. operate in many sites all the time. Our recognised goodwill and reputation among builders, have attracted still more foreign customers. We have found joint venture partners in Hungary, negotiating with customers from Austria, Poland, etc.

Our past experience has confirmed the only way to operate: manufacture of high quality materials to ensure prolonged and efficient operation of building constructions.


190103, Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Drovyanaya, 9, lit. «Z»

Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 603-03-13

E-mail: newtech@kalmatron.ru

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